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Getting started on your investment journey requires clarity and the right mindset to stay consistent.

Without a road-map or guidance, you might get overwhelmed. Our courses can save you years of trial and error.


Introduction to Investing

Your investment journey requires a strong foundation. In this course, you’ll learn how to define your status-quo, take control of your cash flows, make investment a bill and allocate your resources correctly.

5 Lessons

The Green Club (TGC) Course (Introduction & Deep dive)

Get the complete package when you sign up for the TGC course. You’ll learn what you need to make investment a bill and get started invested immediately. You also get to be a member of the Green Investment Club, with access to all the additional resources, when you sign up for this courseĀ 

12 Lessons

Investment Club Stories

Learn how like-minded people started investment clubs in this course. You’ll also get access to practical lessons from those who have started their investment club in different countries such as the UK, USA, Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya.

7 Lessons

Deep Dive (Investment Options)

Once you get the basics right, it’s time to start investing. In the deep dive, we’ll break down the general investment options, share pros and cons and how best to invest in each of these options profitably.

5 Lessons

The Investment Club Roadmap

Are you ready to start an investment club and need some hand-holding? This course has got you covered with all the right information on how to select the right members, get incorporated and grow your investment club. You’ll also get access to a super detailed workbook and legal templates when you sign up.

6 Lessons

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