What is the Green Investment Club?

The Green Investment Club (TGIC) is an investment club focused on investment education and building community. Our community of investors boasts of investors across 11 countries

We offer investment courses that teach you the smart approach to investing confidently. We make investing simple by showing you the correct approach to investing. 

We also help you easily get started investing by giving you direct access to experts and reviewed investment opportunities that generate more income for you.

Financial Education

Do you struggle with creating a financial plan? We have multiple courses and an abundance of helpful information with workbooks and worksheets you can easily download or print to help you save easily

Credible Investment Opportunities

Are you tired of missing out on opportunities? We believe there’s no point learning how to invest without taking action. We’ll help you take action with our partner investment companies

Weekly Newsletters

Feel like you don’t have enough information? Get access to expert analysis and timely investment opportunities not shared in public from our weekly newsletter.

Expert Sessions

Do you feel like a novice to Investing? Each month, we’ll have a session with a seasoned expert. You don’t have to worry about getting answers. Our founder has the network with skilled experts

Event Access

Need to socialize more often? As a member of the Green Investment Club, you will get to attend all events organised by the club at a subsidised cost.

Private and Supportive Community

No need to walk alone! Our community is exclusive to members of the club only. In the community, you get to keep the conversation going after taking lessons or after an expert session.

Here's what you get as a member of the Green Investment Club.

You learn by doing (No theory Zone)

We provide simple-to-understand video lessons to ensure you understand the basics of investing and more importantly, START TAKING ACTION IMMEDIATELY.

Video Lessons are released in weekly modules and consist of easy-to-follow videos, worksheets and resource lists. All of the lessons are online and contained in the private member only site. Members can view the videos and connect with other members in the Facebook group to keep the conversation going.

Plus, once you join the Green Club, you’ll get a lifetime pass. You can retake the updated program for as long as the program exists.

You get priority access

Our credible investment partners constantly share investment opportunities with us. We also have a network of experts in core investment fields who are also part of our investment community.

These experts work in asset management companies that only work with high net-worth individuals, but based on our partnership, are willing to offer advice to members of the club (Some at a minimal fee and others, free)

You get bonuses as well!

Bonus #1 – Get your stock certificates and e-dividend payments tidied up for FREE by our partner stockbroking company in Nigeria. You dont have to live in Nigeria to get this done.

Bonus #2 – Get access to viable real estate investment opportunities provided by our in-house Certified Real Estate Surveyor and Valuer

Ready to get started?

Sign up to get details on how to join the Green Club. One-time registration costs $400!

Meet the Founder


Tomie Balogun is a Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI) and is on a mission to teach working professionals and entrepreneurs how to take advantage of the power of many  and get started investing in groups.

As a result, she is considered a leading expert on how to start, manage and grow investment clubs in Nigeria.  Her articles and workshops constantly re-orient a lot of people across Africa to break average and think differently about investing.

Tomie is the co-founder of Midas Capital Ltd (Her private investment club) and is an MBA graduate of the Lagos Business School. Her career spans four (4) industries: Value Added Technology, Telecommunications, Management Consulting and Banking.

Prior to co-founding Midas Capital, she had a stint with the International Financial Corporation (IFC), an arm of the World Bank Group, as a consultant advising on investing in the manufacturing and agribusiness sectors in Nigeria.

Tomie is a speaker and has been featured on various media platforms including BBC Africa, Arise Africa TV, Punch Newspaper, She Leads Africa, Business Day Newspapers, Bella Naija etc.

She is also the author of the Amazon best selling book, Investment Clubs  (How to create wealth beyond your pay-cheque)

She blogs weekly on her website – www.tomiebalogun.com