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About the Green Club

The Green Investment Club (TGIC) is the biggest investment club in Nigeria. We are an investment community  focused on investment education and driving economic growth in Africa through our investor community. 

We offer online courses that teach the smart approach to investing confidently. We make investing simple by teaching the correct approach to investing. We also help you get started investing by giving you direct access to experts and reviewed investment opportunities that generate more income for you.


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Countries (Nigeria, Canada, USA, UK, UAE, Cameroon, South Africa, Netherlands, China, Ghana, France, Ireland, Equitorial Guinea)

million Naira ($2.3m+) invested in Africa.

Trusted by Career Professionals and Entrepreneurs

I decided to join the green club because I saw it as an opportunity to learn more about investing. I learned a lot more. Becoming a member of the green club has helped me take control of my finances. Now I believe I have a solid foundation to build on for my wealth journey and I have started my investment club

Seyi Olufikayo-Olabyi

HR Specialist, , Unilever (Ghana & Nigeria)

The in-depth lessons on different investment options helped me decide which investment options were right for my short, medium and long term investment goals. I was able to take immediate action and structure my investment options. Joining the Green club has been amazing experience for me and money well spent.

Dipo Kola Banjo

Head of Knowledge and Insights, Coca-Cola Nigeria

Since joining the Club, I have consolidated my stock portfolio (This is a big deal because I do not live in Nigeria), kept to a strict budget and invested actively. My bank account is always empty now because I keep my money working. I started an investment Club and we are growing together, we have sealed deals worth millions till date with very good returns. The investment opportunities shared weekly is the real value of the club for me. That access makes me feel empowered.

Tolu Adebayo

Senior Solution Architect, Erricsson

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The Green Investment Club opens again to new members in September, 2019. It costs $280 (N100,000) to become a member. It’s a lifetime membership fee. Pay once and that’s it. Sign up to be the first to know once we open!

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